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President of the ِClub

Naji Kouka, Coaching experience and FIFA referee. He started his first coaching for children in Sweden and USA. He is a top innovator of new training concepts. Naji's humor and enthusiasm for the game and his sensitivity and understanding of the players and coaches have made him an exceptional trainer of players of all ages.

Naji gained experience a main Coach to the recreation children team in Palm Beach South Olive. His was committed to the US soccer education future programs. Further, Naji has been a long-time advisor to the local young players for the youth soccer programs in Europe and USA.

Naji has traveled the world learning the concepts of soccer education. A native of La Chebba in Tunisia, Naji played soccer since he was kid and earned respect from his home town the Chebba. Naji will continue coaching children and develop soccer programs around the world.

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